5 Day Hemp Building Course

with International expert Steve Allin

Westmeath, Ireland.

Professional training module, 5 days of intensive learning. Hands-on experience.

Day 1. Introduction to the material. Mixing & application of 1st layer of hemp plaster.

Day 2. Framing and shuttering details for floors & walls.. Internal wall casting & external hempcrete application preparation.

Day 3. Casting external wall cladding and external wall section.

Day 4. Internal hemp plaster finish coat.

Day 5. Hempcrete floor& roof infill.

Course notes will be provided. Lunches and refreshments provided by 4handsandfoodstudio. Cost € 500.

Course including local accommodation provided at Keirnans Self-catering. Cost € 800.

Hemp building course

5 Day Hemp Building Course – 20-24th May, 2024 Westmeath, Ireland. (without accommodation.)

Hemp building course with accommodation

5 Day Hemp Building Course – 20-24th May, 2024 Westmeath, Ireland, with accommodation.



Contact: steve(@)hempbuilding.com for more information.