Steve Allin Hemp Consultant
Steve Allin Hemp Consultant

Steve Allin.

Sustainable Hemp Consultant Offering Online Advice and Solutions

Working with hemp materials in construction projects since 1997, Steve Allin has gained invaluable knowledge about which materials to use, where, and how. He is always happy to answer questions and discuss projects..

Steve Allin has enthusiastically pioneered the use of hemp in building in Ireland and internationally since 1997 and is the author of the pre-eminent book “Building with Hemp” (2005) 2nd Edition (2012). His latest book is “Hemp Buildings: 50 International Case Studies” (2021).

He has also contributed articles to a variety of publications, from the Green Building Bible to Irish Tech News and HempToday.

He was a director of Hemp Ireland Ltd. (1998-2003), which was set up to research and develop a hemp processing facility in Ireland. The information gained from this helped in developing plans for a truly sustainable industrial production of hemp on a local community level, as a bio-regional approach to the production of basic ecologically appropriate food, biomass, and building materials. The use of hemp in construction was seen by Steve as the best way to expand the production of hemp and a way to increase the value of the hemp wood element of the crop.

In his activities connected to actually using the materials, he has experimented with many different combinations of ingredients to create a binder for hempcrete and has consulted with different projects all over the world. As a hemp building consultant, he has advised on projects in Belgium, Canada, Haiti, Ireland, Nepal, South Africa, Switzerland, the UK, and the United States. He has run many successful Hemp building courses in Australia, Canada, Finland, Ireland, Sweden, and the United States. He continues to act as an advisor for projects wishing to establish hemp processing facilities for hemp construction products.

He is currently the director of the International Hemp Building Association IHBA which was formed in November 2009 after a successful 1st International Hemp Building Symposium organized earlier that year in Ireland. In his role as director of the IHBA, Steve has given presentations in the Czech Republic, Ireland, Germany, Lithuania, Spain, Sweden, and the United States.

He provides a consultation service, which can also be online, wherever you are located in the world, to discuss design options and other issues relating to your proposed project, new build, residential extension, or refurbishment. He also has extensive expertise in the building process and material development. He offers a special advisory option to students with a focus on international studies.

History of Hemp Building Activities with Steve Allin

  • European Industrial Hemp Association 17th Conference, Presenter – Hemp building session, Brussels, Belgium, Jun 2022
  • Hemp Consultant for Bord na Mona, Ireland, 2020
  • 1st US Hemp Building Summit, Keynote Speaker – What Has CBD Got To Do With Hemp Building, Ketchum, Idaho, Oct 2019
  • European Industrial Hemp Association 16th Conference, Speaker – The Broad Range of Hempcrete Applications Worldwide, Cologne, Germany, Jun 2019
  • Speaker, 1st Asian hemp Summit, Kathmandu, Nepal, Feb 2019
  • Speaker, Hemp and Environment, International Cannabis Policy Conference, Vienna, Austria Dec 2019
  • 8th International Hemp Building Symposium, Organiser, Symposium, Brussels, Belgium, Oct 2018
  • 7th International Hemp Building Symposium, Organiser, Symposium, Montreal, Canada, Oct 2017
  • European Industrial Hemp Association 14th Conference, Session chairman – Hemp Building, Cologne, Germany, Jun 2017
  • Tillburg, Netherlands EcoWeek Speaker, Bio Based (R)evolution, Tilburg, Netherlands, May 2017
  • 6th International Hemp Building Symposium, Organiser, Symposium, Verona, Italy, Oct 2016
  • European Industrial Hemp Association 13th Conference Delegate Steve Allin, June 2016
  • International Colloqium on Cannabis and Drugs, Speaker, Use of Hempcrete Internationally, Tangier, Morocco, Mar 2016
  • Meeting with Dr Baburam Bhattarai, ex Prime Minister of Nepal, Kathmandu, Nepal, Mar 2016
  • Speaker, Hemp Event, Environmental Science Study UCC, Cork, Mar 2016
  • COP 21, World Hemp Quarter Info Stand/Speaker Hemp Building, Paris, France Dec 2015
  • 5th International Hemp Building Symposium, Organiser, Schluesshof Seminar, Uckermark, Germany Oct 2015
  • Hemp Can’t Save show Bellingham, Washington, USA June 2015
  • Speaker on hemp building, Brunel University, London, UK, Mar 2015
  • Speaker UCG students for sensible drug policy 2015
  • Hemp Can’t Save show Dublin Hemp Museum launch, Botega Cafe Dublin 2014
  • Hemp Can’t Save show Green week Dun Laoghaire College of Art and Design. 2014
  • 4th International Hemp Building Symposium, Organiser, Catwise Centre, Wales Apr 2014
  • 3rd International Hemp Building Symposium, Organiser, Yverdon-Les-Bains, Switzerland Oct 2012
  • Hemp Can’t Save show Liminal Village Boom Festival Portugal 2012
  • Hemp Conference University of Agricultural Science Alnarp, Speaker Hemp Building, Malmo, Sweden Mar 2012
  • HIA Conference, Speaker, Past Present and Future of Hemp in Building, San Francisco, USA Nov 2011
  • NEES Kick-off meeting, Speaker on Hemp Building, Cork, Ireland June 2011
  • EIHA 8th Conference Speaker on Hemp Composite Production in Ireland, Germany May 2011
  • Baltic Bast Fibres Growers & Processors Asso Conference, Speaker Hemp Building, Kaunus, Lithuania May 2011
  • Expo Cannabis Info Stand/Speaker on Hemp Building Malaga, Spain April 2011
  • 2nd International Hemp Building Symposium, Organiser Granada, Spain April 2011
  • Cannafest Info Stand/Speaker on Hemp Building Prague, Czech Republic Nov 2010
  • EIHA 7th Conference, Speaker, Aims of the IHBA, Germany May 2010
  • 1st International Hemp Building Symposium, Organiser, Kenmare, Ireland Sept 2009
  • EIHA 6th Conference, Hemp Building Workshop, Germany May 2009
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