Hemp Buildings: 50 International Case Studies

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Published on the 19th of December 2021 – get the first copies of the book by ordering here: https://seedpress.ie/product/hemp-buildings-50-international-case-studies/

Hemp Buildings: 50 International Case Studies

Hemp Buildings: 50 International Case Studies is a comprehensive overview of projects that showcase the use of hemp-based materials utilised in architectural examples of every kind. In the last 35 years, this unique material and the systems that have developed with it provide vital solutions for energy use, carbon emissions and healthy environments providing innovative solutions for today.

In compiling this book, Steve Allin focuses on a wide diversity of projects from different backgrounds with the aim of explaining the approaches each client, designer and builder chose; including the use of hempcrete and hemp fibre insulation, how they were sourced and the stunning range of finishes achieved. Containing over three hundred and fifty colour photographs illustrating everything from medieval buildings to modern retail outlets, residential to industrial builds, educational resources to health centres, from the tropics to the cool temperate zones.


Steve Allin is an author, teacher and consultant on ecological building. He has enthusiastically pioneered the use of hemp in building internationally for many years and has also contributed articles to a variety of publications from the Green Building Bible to Irish Tech News and HempToday.
The founding director of the International Hemp Building Association (IHBA) he continues to advise, educate and lecture worldwide on the subject of hemp building.