Hemp construction

Hemp hurds.

Hemp hurds are mixed with a combination of lime products to produce a light weight, insulating, breathing material.

hemp stem
Hemp stalk showing hurd.


The mixture of lime to hurds varies with the type of construction application and prevailing climatic conditions.

Hydrated Lime
Hydrated lime.
Traditional Lime Company
Traditional Lime Company
supplier of lime and hemp hurd for
building in Ireland.

Casting Hemp

This hempcrete is cast around a timber framework. This is achieved by tamping down between shuttering, or it can be sprayed against a formwork (permanent or temporary). Internally a variety of finishes are possible. In this example the framework has been left exposed and the hempcrete finished with a natural paint.

Casting a hempcrete wall
Hemp casting around a timber frame
Hemp Plaster
Hempcrete finished with a Hemp plaster

Hemp Plaster

Internally the hempcrete can be finished with a lime plaster which can be then painted with breathable natural paints.

Lime Render

Externally the hempcrete is finished with a lime render which can be painted with breathable natural paints.

Lime render on hempcrete
Hempcrete finished with a lime render unpainted

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