Hemp Building Expertise

Steve Allin

Sustainalble Hemp Consultant Online advice and solutions

Working with hemp materials in construction projects since 1997 Steve Allin has gained invaluable knowledge about what materials to use where and how. He is always happy to answer questions and discuss projects.

Steve Allin has enthusiastically pioneered the use of hemp in building in Ireland and internationally since 1997 & is the author of the pre-eminent book “Building with Hemp” (2006) 2nd Edition, 2012.

He provides an online consultation service, where ever you are located in the world, to discuss design options and other issues relating to your proposed project, new build, residential extension or refurbishment. He also has extensive expertise in building process and material development. He offers a special advisory option to students with an international focus.

hemp cottage renovation
Hemp plaster on old stone cottage walls for insulation